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You Think You Know Me

One Woman Play with Linda Gabriel
One Woman Play with Linda Gabriel
Thursday, 12 October 2017 at 19:00
Monday, 25 September 2017
N$50 in advance, N$70 at the door

You Think You Know Me, is a gripping one woman play that revolves around the life of a Transactional sex worker called Netsy. Through narratives of her life the audience is allowed into many avenues of other transactional sex workers and men who enjoyed Netsy’s company.

Penned and played by Linda Gabriel, aka Poetic Angel, the play interrogates its viewers on controversial themes of transactional sex, religion and other related issues that include Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS, Child Labour, forced child marriages, rape, corruption, livelihood, unemployment, discrimination among others.

This must-see play is interactive, as the performer engages with the audience as the show is in motion. After the performance, a Q&A will take place for the audience to interact more in depth with the artist.

Rejoignez la poétesse Linda Gabriel dans cette poignante pièce qui explore le quotidien d’une travailleuse du sexe, exposant des thèmes de société comme la santé reproductive, la corruption, ou encore le chômage. 

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