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Anna and Christelle

Directed by Ashwyn Mberi, sparks conversation around social ills of our time
Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 15:30
N$50 in advance @FNCC Reception; N$100 at the door

Theatre @FNCC: Anna & Christelle a play by Mel Mwevi and Ndali Mupopiwa directed by Ashwyn Mberi.

Anna & Christelle, directed by the luminous Ashwyn Mberi is a pop up play, written, and acted by a multicultural crew, meant to spark conversation around the prominent social ills of our time details the lives of two women as they enter a tumultuous new phase by falling in love in the midst of a modern-day apartheid.

Set in present day Windhoek, Anna, a domestic from Katutura, starts a new job in Klein Windhoek at the home of Christoff and his wife Christelle. Recovering from her recent miscarriage, Christelle returns home to find Anna, the new addition to their lives.

While bonding over cigarettes, gossip and womenhood, Anna & Christelle, depicts the day to day ramifications of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and patriarchal behaviour in a way that is typically not considered, from both sides of the coin.

Looking at the implications of our society’s habits and moral standards in a honest and brave way, Anna & Christelle is a hope… for understanding.

Mel Mwevi, a story teller and performer trained at AFDA in Cape Town, is a Namibian in all senses of the word. Reaching across many divides – cultural, racial and professional – she enlightens her audience of the truth in a polite, convincing manner.

Ndali Mupopiwa is an avid reader and researcher of all things literature and brings a relevant and modern style to her writing.  Studying towards a medical degree, Obstetrics and Gynaechological this run of Anna & Christelle takes place on the very last day of holidays before Ndali heads back to Bloemfontein at the University of Free State.

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Curtail call Saturday 21 July 2018 330PM @FNCC Cinema, N$50 in advance at FNCC Reception; N$100 at the door.

Une histoire d’amour entre 2 femmes que tout oppose, dans le Windhoek actuel...Une pièce qui fait s’interroger
sur les inégalités de notre société

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