World Water Day Exhibition Opening and Dance Show

World Water Day Exhibition Opening and Dance Show

118 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek
Free Entry

To close off the World Water Day festivities, the FNCC will be hosting from 6pm onwards:

 - The [Water] project by the dance company [ ] Project
This abstract experimental performance art project explores the elements of water in its complexity and tenure. The project suggests a different approach to performance as it incorporates dancers and musicians in a space unaware of each other physically but somehow connected in a cosmic sphere- so to speak, almost futuristic. 
This show is sponsored by the National theatre of Namibia (NTN)

 - The Living Library by the UNDP Namibia
The living library which will comprise of approximately 6 or 7 “books” (people) from diverse backgrounds and who will share their stories for a limited period of 15 minutes when “checked out” by a lender. The living Library is an interactive, up close and personal approach in introducing different perspectives around the theme of water.

 - The "Water Security around the World" exhibition by Alice Colson. 
For the International Water Resources Association, Alice Colson had the opportunity to depict through 33 illustrations the stories of five young people from all around the world, selected to come to the World Water Congress. Called the World Water Envoys, those five young professionals have been chosen to showcase the Water Security issues faced by their communities daily. By joining the IWRA activities and events, the Association gives them an opportunity to bring solutions back to their community.
 The exhibition will be open to the public on Monday, 29 March till Friday 2 April 1pm.