The Research of the Invisible

The Research of the Invisible

FNCC, Simon Lumbu Gallery
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The internationally renowned artist Birgitta Volz is in Namibia to assist her old friend and travel book author, Konny von Schmettau with her Charity in the North as an “Artist for Charity”.

The famous Baobab with David Livingstone's signature from 1851 on its bark, which is growing in the area of Sangwali, Zambezi Region has been bark printed by Birgitta Volz.

In August 2016, Konny von Schmettau's expedition team had re-discovered the hidden and long forgotten signature in the 3000 year old tree that is called “Livingstone's Baobab”.

Birgitta Volz who origins from Nuremberg, South-Germany, has been living in the south of India since 15 years in the international community of Auroville and as an artist works with bark prints, a technique unique in the world.

She developed it herself and received numerous awards and international recognition for her unusual work. When she prints the structures of the bark with organic oil colour, she awakes another world to life. Faces and fascinating beings show up, which we know only through ages old fairy tales and stories. The trees take no harm in the procedure and it seems that they happily collaborate with the artist. Birgitta's art work is challenging to the logical mind, because everyone will see a world which has formed almost by itself, which we think of as "invisible" and it is quite obvious that these shapes cannot form by pure coincidence.

Birgitta Volz will show the results of her work in Namibia at the FNCC Simon Lumbu Gallery in Windhoek where a representative of European Union in Windhoek will introduce Birgitta's work.

A screening of the expedition will be held on the 6th of July at 17h30 at the FNCC Cinema to close off Birgitta's exhibition.