Namibian Heritage Week

Namibian Heritage Week

Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre. 118 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek, Namibia
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Heritage and Culture - A "Rock Solid" Foundation

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming Namibian Heritage Week at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, celebrating the rich heritage and culture of Namibia under the theme "Heritage and Culture: A 'Rock Solid' Foundation." Mark your calendars for an exciting week filled with insightful events that pay homage to the diverse heritage of this incredible nation.

As a graphic creation, Namibian rock art is a cultural expression of people who inhabited a large part of southern Africa. Namibia is one the country with the highest concentrations of      rock art sites, including paintings and engravings. The well known locality is in Central Namibia including: Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site, Brandberg and Spitzkoppe Mountains. While the first three are often cited as examples, the archaeological landscape of the Erongo Mountains are little known to the general public. Linked with the research project COSMO-ART (focused on rock art heritage management in Southern Africa) and the research carried out by Archaeologists in this region for many years (Alma Nankela, David Pleurdeau and his team, etc.), the exhibition aims to bring about the quality of Erongo rock art heritage to the attention of the Namibian public.

Organised as part of National Heritage Week, the exhibition showcases large prints of rock art  sites in the Erongo Mountains to highlight the symbolic expressions and high graphic quality of the paintings. This discovery of rock art sites is also accompanied by an exhibition of archaeological objects excavated at several rock art sites by      Archaeologists working in these mountains to date. These objects provide unparalleled insights into themes within the hunter-gatherers’ tradition and better understanding of the culture of the people who produced this rock art.

In addition to an artistic dimension, the exhibition also has educational aims, with an expression corner and activities organised for school children.

Finally, the goal is to use the exhibition as an opportunity to discuss the complex challenges in  preserving rock art heritage in Namibia and developing rock art sites for tourism, including the involvement of local communities and the sharing of benefits. To this end, a panel discussion event will be held on Wednesday 20 September 2023.

To close the national heritage week, the exhibition space will host a performance by the OYO dance group, combining the art of dance with that of the graphic arts.

Event Highlights:

1. Exhibition Opening: "A Tribute to Rock Art in Namibia"

Date: Monday, 18th September

Time: 19h00

Venue: Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre

Step into the ancient world as we unveil the mesmerising exhibition "A Tribute to Rock Art in Namibia." Dive into the captivating narratives of Namibia's rock art, a testament to the profound connection between humanity and nature. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and stories these ancient masterpieces hold.

2. Rock Art Talk: Panel Discussion

Date: Wednesday, 20th September

Time: 19h00

Venue: Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion exploring the significance and preservation of Namibia's rock art. Experts and enthusiasts will engage in a dynamic conversation that sheds light on the cultural, historical, and artistic dimensions of these ancient creations. Discover the secrets behind the images etched in stone and their enduring impact on our understanding of heritage.

3. Dance Show on Rock Art: by the OYO Dance Troupe

Date: Friday, 22nd September

Time: 19h00

Venue: Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre

Get ready to groove to the beat of history as the OYO Dance Troupe takes the stage with their electrifying performance. Through dance, rhythm, and movement, experience the fusion of contemporary expression with the echoes of the past. Witness the interplay between tradition and innovation as the dancers interpret the spirit of rock art through their captivating performance.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of Namibian Heritage Week, where we honour the legacy of our cultural roots. Join us as we explore the "Rock Solid" foundation that has shaped our identity and continues to inspire generations.

Let's celebrate Namibia's rich heritage together!