Mobile Film Festival

Mobile Film Festival

One 1 minute film with subtitles

Founded in 2005, the Mobile Film Festival is an annual, international Festival of short-length movies, based on a simple principle: “1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.”

The aim: discover and support young filmmaking talents from around the world and help them become tomorrow’s directors.

For 17 years, the Mobile Film Festival has championed the democratization of filmmaking by zeroing in on storytelling — and not big-budget productions. That is why shooting films on mobile phones, limiting film length to 1 minute, and free registration puts all filmmakers on equal footing, no matter their economic status.

Mobile Film Festival is back

Open invitation to all film makers - 1 mobile, 1 minute, 1 film, including credits. 

Applications are open till 12 October for films containing subtitles- so hurry! 

Fill in your registration form and upload your video to  and stand a chance to win one of the many awards available. Head over to for more information 

You can head over to the Q&A for any additional information you may have.

Let’s start filing!

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