International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day

FNCC Upper Terrace

The music of Namibia includes several folk styles, as well as pop, rock, reggae, jazz, house and hip hop. Namibia celebration for Jazz this year is under the Theme “Diversity bringing us together” celebrating various types of creativity. Namibian history of jazz date back to the 20th century and over the years JAZZ music has been celebrated through International Jazz Day, Annual Festival, and radio programs.

For this year's International Jazz Day, we give the stage to Thetardius Brass Band and Sisonke Xonti quintet.

The Thetardius Music Academy was established with the purpose to educate young and old musicians through the art of music education. We aim to improve the performance of individual and group performers by providing music lectures in various genres of music and arts.

Sisonke Xonti, the 2020 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner for Jazz, is an increasingly well-known saxophonist. Few would have guessed, however, that the musician only took up music as a full-time career six years ago, having studied towards a degree in law throughout his university career. While he only took the leap into music as a full-time profession a few years ago, music has been a part of Xonti’s life since childhood. It was at the age of 13 that he discovered the saxophone, and he soon fell in love with jazz. Early signs of Xonti’s talent were his selection for three years to the Standard Bank National Schools Big Band (2004-6), and later his selection twice to the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band under the leadership of Andrew Lilley and Feya Faku. 


Join us on the 30th of April 2022 7pm at the FNCC. Free Entrance!