Acoustic Friday with Savannah Afros

Acoustic Friday with Savannah Afros

N$100 Advance | N$120 Door

What makes this concert unique is the opportunity to hear Savannah Afros' latest work from their upcoming album, which is sure to delight fans and newcomers alike. The band will be performing new tracks like "Manana" and "Zomba," which showcase their diverse musical influences and unique sound. These new tracks were developed as part of the "Afro Encounter" Project, which seeks to promote cross-cultural exchange and artistic collaboration.

In addition to these new tracks, Savannah Afros will also be performing some of their most beloved hits, including "Njiva," "Afrika," "Nherera," "Songo," "Cheivhu," "Kubika Mazondo," "Mwanangu Usaende," "Bvuma," and "Motherless Child." These songs speak to issues of social justice, cultural identity, and personal experience, and are sure to resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The concert will be an opportunity to experience Savannah Afros' electrifying and dynamic performance, which showcases their powerful vocals, intricate instrumentation, and infectious energy. With their unique blend of Afro fusion jazz, soul, pop, and traditional music, Savannah Afros is sure to deliver a memorable and engaging performance that will leave a lasting impression.

Savannah Afros is a Windhoek-based musical band composed of talented musicians with a passion for music, culture, and social justice. They draw inspiration from various musical styles, including Afro fusion jazz, soul, pop, and traditional music, creating a unique sound with intricate instrumentation, powerful vocals, and an infectious energy. The band has performed both locally and internationally and collaborated with various artists, receiving positive reviews for their unique sound and powerful performances. They are currently working on their upcoming album, "Kitchen Encounters," which is an output of the "Afro Encounter" Project. Savannah Afros' dedication to promoting cross-cultural exchange, social justice, and artistic excellence has made them one of the most beloved and respected musical bands in Namibia and beyond.