The Diploma in French for Business will enable you to certify that you are able to use oral and written French in an effective manner in the principal situations of professional communication, and that you are fully prepared to handle the interpersonal, administrative and commercial aspects of company business.

Who is it for?
Any students or professionals who work in French or will be required to communicate in French in a professional context, and wish to validate their acquired knowledge with a diploma.

This diploma is intended in particular for company staff or government personnel working in any position requiring them to communicate with French-speaking contacts orally or in writing.

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites:

Be 16 years old or older;

Be able to read and write;
At least a secondary-level education is recommended;

Be able to enter text on a computer and use a mouse to click or move items;
Have at least a theoretical knowledge of the realities of the professional world.

Examples of activities and topics covered


Complete a form, comment on a graph, write a note, write a report, meet and inform a client, present your professional background, present an argument to a decision maker.


Professional world, business, social, economic and commercial contexts, negotiations.
Detailed description of Diplomas by level
We offer five Diplomas in French for Business, from level A1 to C1: