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World Music Day

Tuesday, 29 May 2018
World Music Day

World Music day is just around the corner for the 23rd year in a row in Namibia and will be an exciting time for aspiring as well as renowned artists. This celebration day for music is an highly anticipated event in France and usually come with the summer season… Namibian winter won’t be sufficient to not celebrate it too! Concerts will be performed in Windhoek and throughout the country with participating artists from all walks of life for free, just for love of music.
FNCC, in partnership with Bank Windhoek, will again promote and support Namibian talent. This year, an unprecedented opening will occur at the FNCC with the cine-concert by OZMA, The Lost World inspired by the silent movie realized by Harry O Hoyt in 1925. One of the first dinosaurs movie of history has been dusted off in 2017 in France in a show created by the explosive jazz quintet. A creative jazz music goes along with the film punctuated by rock explosions, pop melodies and electronic sounds for a dazzling result.

Date/Time: Wednesday, 20 June @ 20h;  Friday, 22 June @ 18h-22h and Saturday, 23 June @ 10h until late