News > Simon Ghraichy presents his concert in Namibia

Simon Ghraichy presents his concert in Namibia

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

470 people from all walks of life, artists, government and private sector officials, cultural institution representatives, as well as the general public joined in a standing ovation at the end of the performance.  

Aside from his virtuosity and impressive finger movements, Simon Ghraichy conquered his public with his charm and anecdotes between each composition about the pieces he was performing.

Simon Ghraichy’s visit was also the occasion for three College of the Arts piano students to receive a masterclass. Simon insisted that whenever he travels, he feels important to give back what he has had the opportunity to learn to other young aspiring pianists. For two hours, he provided tips and advice on how to better some piano pieces to the thrilled young musicians. FNCC values the sharing of knowledge and know-how and the enrichment of the arts through cultural exchanges, which fits into the center’s mandate, aiming to intensify the cultural cooperation between Namibia and France, while promoting and supporting Namibian cultural identity.

Simon Ghraichy will now continue his African tour which will take him to Angola.

Simon Ghraichy’s visit was organized by FNCC, generously sponsored by RMB Namibia, and hosted at NTN.