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The Francophonie week ended on a high note!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Started at the Osiree Refugee Camp with multifarious performances, the Francophonie Week was an eventful  rendez-vous between French and Francophone  communities as well as Namibians and others language communities.

Official celebrations with diplomas ceremony, speeches by representatives of the Francophone communities and relaunch of the Association of the French teachers in Namibia occurred simultaneously with cultural and educational events. A lot of activities for children like special screening, games and a big bazaar pointed out the importance to transmit curiosity, openness as well as desire to learn to the youth. More specific events allowed to be focused on different matters and themes, social with the screening of Mama Colonel or literary with the book presentation of Christine Rosana as well as artistic with a collective exhibition, a fashion show and choir.

The final day closed the week in a warmful and sharing atmosphere with a soccer tournament won by the Osiree team, a children bazaar and a food market& concert with the performance on stage of the troup of Burundi coming from Osiree which was highly acclaimed, the Congolese artist Shungu, Dolar’s musicians and the French music group Dark Blue Orchestra.

This Francophonie Week was held in the memory of the French teacher, Simon Lumbu, deceased during the organization of the week. In his honor, the FNCC Gallery has now been renamed Space Simon Lumbu.