Exhibitions > Who educates the public about art?

Who educates the public about art?

An exhibition by JMAC students
Monday, July 10, 2017 - 17:30
Thursday, 3 August 2017
FNCC Gallery

Artists of the John Muafangejo Art Centre present an exhibition to reflect on the role of educating the public about art.
This collection includes brand new works that all respond to the notion of art in the public space and the education of it.

This ongoing mobile display is an effort to reflect on the role that JMAC has played in hosting artists over the years, in the institution’s work, networking and collaboration which have been central to public education of and through the arts.

An exhibition by JMAC studio artists Wilka Mumangeni, John Kalunda, Tulina Nakashona, Trianus Nakale, Elizabeth Shinana, Uarika Tjiteere.

Cette exposition conjointe avec le centre JMAC retrace le rôle de celui-ci dans l’éducation du public au sujet de l’art.

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FNCC Restaurant

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