Exhibitions > Omudhinwa - Undermined person

Omudhinwa - Undermined person

Lazarus Willheikie
An exhibition by Lazarus Willheikie
Monday, April 3, 2017 - 17:30
Thursday, 27 April 2017
Restaurant Le Petit Paris

Artist Lazarus Willheikie takes us into his universe with his exhibition, Omudhinwa, meaning “Undermined person”.

Judging and classification of people in society nowadays is regarded as normal, but it has a huge impact in the livelihoods of these undermined individuals, such as cattle herders (Aanahambo). The exhibition is aimed at educating society on how each person, regardless of their position, can contribute to the community.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Lazarus Willheikkie and 065 Music crew. Let the artworks inspire you as you listen to some of their musical compositions.

A graphic designer by profession, Lazarus has previously exhibited at the National Art Gallery and the FNCC.

Laissez-vous transporter par les oeuvres de Lazarus Willheikie, bercées par ses propres compositions musicales.

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