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Double Exposure Photography

Lukas Amakali
Exhibition and Book Launch by Lukas Amakali
Monday, September 4, 2017 - 17:30
Thursday, 21 September 2017
FNCC Gallery

Professional photographer Lukas Amakali takes us through the technique of Double Exposure with this photographic exhibition and book launch, to stimulate wider discussion about the role of photography as an abstract art form.

Depicting how the artist came upon and fell in love with the Double Exposure technique, this exhibition and book launch will teach the public about the use of analog cameras to superimpose two exposures in a single frame to overlay images. This very creative technique gives photographers endless possibilities to produce unique photos. With the coming of the digital era and Photoshop, Lukas Amakali wishes not to forget about the origin of photography using film, and teach the public about his passion to “save the film”.


Le photographe Lukas Amakali nous invite à découvrir la technique de la double prise de vue sur caméra analogique pour nous rappeler l’essence de la photographie à l’ère digitale. 

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