World Music Day - Concert Auditions

World Music Day - Concert Auditions


Interested Newcomer live musicians are requested to audition by sending a one (1) minute performance to showcase their originally composed/prepared musical talents. The call is open to;

Solo Artists


Bands/ Musical Ensembles


Live Sound Artists

Newcomer live musicians are referred to as those that are in the very early stages of their artistic career (0-24 months), seeking to share their works with potential audiences and investors. Successful and selected candidates will partake in the celebratory concert on 26 June 2021.

To audition, send your 1 min performance video via WhatsApp

+264 81 602 1415


16 June 2021, 17H00

The project is based in Windhoek, however interested live musicians living outside the city that are able to relocate to Windhoek at their own costs, should they be successful, are welcome to do so.


Franco Namibian Cultural Centre

Tel: +264 61 387 330 • Whatsapp: +264 81 602 1415

118 Robert Mugabe Avenue

PO Box 11622, Windhoek, Namibia



  1. What is the project about?
  • This is an open call for newcomer live musicians to audition by sending a one (1) minute performance video to stand the chance of partaking in the World Music Day celebratory concert.
  • The celebratory concert will take place on 26 June 2021 at the FNCC; the selected newcomer live musicians will take part in the concert, forming the line-up that celebrates music.


  1. Who funded the project?
  • The Franco Namibian Cultural Centre is funding the celebratory concert.


  1. What is the role of FNCC?
  • The FNCC plays a role in facilitating the creative process of the project.


  1. What are the roles of the partners?
  • The NTN, Wingoc, Veolia and Wabag are project partners in the operation of the project.


  1. Is it only for Newcomer musicians?
  • Yes, the call out is only for newcomer live musicians, it is for the reason the aim of celebrating World Music Day is to provide free music to everyone and to encourage amateur musicians to showcase their work to the world.


  1. How can I participate?
  • Newcomer live musicians can send their 1-minute audition to +264 81 602 1415 via WhatsApp.


  1. What must I prepare for in my showcase?
  • Please prepare a 1-minute performance showcase of your choice, including a short introduction of yourselves.


  1. What are the video submission requirements?
  • Each video must be submitted with the newcomer musician/band/solo artists contact details.
  1. Who will assess the audition?
  • The FNCC and NTN will assess the auditions on artistic merit, preparation, delivery and stage presence.


  1. If I am selected, what can I perform?
  • Newcomer live musicians are encouraged to perform original music only.


  1. When will the concert take place?
  • The concert will take place on 26 June 2021 from 11:00 – 18:00 at the FNCC.


  1. Would this be a paying gig?
  • No, it is not a paying gig. The three best talents selected from the celebratory concert, will be granted solo concerts at the FNCC in 2022.


  1. Will there be a committed band for the concert, that I can play my music with?
    1. No, there will not be a committed band. Newcomer live musicians are encouraged to perform fully as solo artists, duets or bands/musical ensembles.


  1. Can anyone attend the concert?
  • No, due to the number of people allowed for public events, the concert will not have a live audience.


  1.  Where can I watch the concert?
  • The concert will be live-streamed on the FNCC Facebook page (@CulturalCentre)   


  1. How can I get more information about the concert?
  • Follow our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well as our website