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Park Talk

Park Talk
The Current State of Rock Art Research in Namibia
Monday, 14 May 2018 at 18:00
FNCC Cinema

Dr. Alma M. Nankela, Archaeologist & Rock Art Specialist from the National Heritage Council of Namibia will be here to frame a talk attempting to highlight the history of rock art research in Namibia over the last 50 years and to date the period where increased research activities has been observed in the region.

One of the aims of the debate will be to examine where rock art research has been focused and the aspects of management and conservation of the rock art sites in Namibia. The country has one of the most outstanding, diverse and extensive rock art records in Southern Africa.
The country’s Rock art database currently holds detailed records of both paintings and engravings. Eventually, challenges of studying rock art in Namibia, current research trends and future research perspective will be discussed. 

La Namibie possède l’un des registres d’art rupestre les plus remarquables, les plus diversifiés et les plus étendus d’Afrique australe. Cet exposé tentera de mettre en lumière l’histoire de la recherche sur l’art rupestre en Namibie au cours des 50 dernières années, période où des activités de recherche accrues ont été observées dans la région.