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Outdoor Screening
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at 19:30
N$ 40, N$ 20 for children under 12
Directed by Alexandre Coffre, 1h20, 2014

On Christmas night, Antoine, six years old, has only one idea in mind: to meet Santa Claus and take a sleigh ride with him in the stars… So when Santa falls, as if by magic, on his balcony, Antoine is too amazed to see through the burglar’s Santa Claus disguise.

Join us for the last screening of the year! To ignite the Christmas spirit, those who play along and show up dressed up for Christmas will receive a free bag of popcorn!

Watch the trailer

Le soir de Noël, un voleur déguisé en Père Noël atterrit sur le balcon d’Antoine, six ans, qui rêve de monter dans son traineau. 

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