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The Lost World

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 at 18:00
FNCC Cinema
N$ 40

The jazz quintet give a new life to the Hoyt’s movie with a new musical creation going along with the adventures of the Professor Challenger in the Amazon jungle. In search of a mysterious hidden place, the team of intrepid explorers has to face to the wildness of the region, infested with hungry prehistoric monsters and unpredictable monkey-men.

As evidence, Professor Challenger manages to bring a brontosaurus back in a steel cage. The news then becomes all the more sensational in London when the cage breaks on its arrival to the Museum and the monster sets out on a terrifying visit of the city. The innovative jazz music by Ozma, punctuated by pop melodies, rock explosions, and traces of repetitive, electronic music dusts off the famous silent movie.


Le quintet de jazz nous fait revivre les aventures du Professeur Challenger sous un nouveau jour grâce à ce ciné-concert surprenant et créatif.

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